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Life of Don Broadwell |

Troubled by his lack of civilian success following an exemplary seven years as a Marine Corps infantry officer, Don Broadwell studied at California’s Leader Effectiveness Institute beginning in 1984. At the advice of a career counselor, he began teaching “in order to become the biggest learner in the class.” He has thirty years as a leadership trainer behind him and captures much of that knowledge in his Handbook for Collaborative Leaders: Millennials Assess the Workplace of Today.


Don acts as the director-in-training at The Collaborative Center in Suburban Maple Valley (Seattle). He has performed national workshops for the Association of Federally Employed Women as well as the Association for Experiential Education.


All of Don’s work is interactive and revolves around the work experience of his audience. His training program, NEGOTIONICS, is a hands-on curriculum where one size does not fit all. Studying with Don means you will chart your own leadership style, choosing from among 24 models, each one unique to the leader situation at hand. Collaboration is the key.

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